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Hello there!

I've had a camera hanging from my neck since I was a kid.  I worked on high school and college yearbooks - got a Masters degree in Photography/Script writing/media production - then started working at an architecture firm here in Atlanta as their in-house shooter.  For work I shoot ground breakings, construction shots, ribbon cuttings and final 'hero' shots of the projects, along with corporate headshots, products and whatever else needs to be photographed.

But I love making beautiful, casual, unexpected images of folks and they seem to like them as well.

People have often told me that I make them feel very comfortable.  Comfort leads to trust which culminates in images that are often the best shots folks have ever had of themselves (or so I'm told).

For me, it's not rocket science.  Just make folks feel good about themselves, know your equipment (that includes a tripod) and have a good time.  I rarely tell people when I'm shooting.  I just talk to them, all the while making images.  And I avoid flash as much as possible.  It's a formula that works for me. 

Well, have look around, have fun and let me know what you think. 



contact me at ricksbigpics@gmail.com